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Apex ATM can provide your business with direct connections to telecommunications and banking networks for ATM processing, including Star, Pulse, Plus, Cirrus, NYCE, Armed Services Network, and VISA, Mastercard, and American Express.  Every Apex ATM is connected to all major financial networks.  ATM Processing is also available for any ATM currently installed in your business.  Apex ATM has chosen to work with only the highest quality and most technologically advanced companies to do its ATM transaction processing.  We utilize the recognized world leader in dial-up ATM technology.  With a record of virtually no down time (less than .02%), we deliver significantly more approved customer transactions.  Our superior performance is due to advanced technology that accepts and routes transactions to the proper network and bank.

We have found that our processor consistently gives us a higher percentage of cardholder approval.  Most processors decline 5 to 11% more transactions than we do.  Our processor developed a large state-of-the-art-processing network that includes major Stratus and Tandem computers that are easily interfaced with PCs.  This state-of-the-art-processing enables us to bring a unit on-line and operative within a few hours, instead of weeks it takes many of our competitors.  Changes to the ATM can be made in a matter of hours versus a matter of weeks.  Most of our competitors utilize processors that must be taken off-line in order to update or delete data.  Thus data changes are slow and once a week the entire system is stopped to make changes. Many of our competitors also use processors that have grown by adding one large mainframe after another.  These mainframes do not have the ability to talk to each other.  In comparison, our reporting is consistently accurate, timely, and concise, saving our customers many hours in accounting and management.