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Benefits of An ATM

  • More than 150 million Americans carry an ATM card and they conduct more than 12 billion ATM transactions per year. Having an ATM in your establishment means customers don’t have to leave the premises to get money. Studies show that between 25%-35% of cash withdrawn from an ATM is spent at the same establishment.
  • According to the American Bankers Association, 66 percent of all ATMs in the United States are privately owned machines located in retail establishments. Those ATMs process more than 10 billion transactions a year. Customers who need cash will look for your ATM sign and come into your business.
  • Reduce your costs associated with credit card terminal fees and bad checks. Most customers reduce their credit card fees by an average of 30 percent. You will generate income instead of paying any credit card terminal fees because you keep the income from the fee charged at the ATM (usually $2.00-3.00). Almost every customer will have an ATM card and will no longer need to write checks for purchases. Instead, they will use the ATM, eliminating your concern over bad checks and bounced check charges.
  • Convenience. Why go down the street, or make two stops when you can go one place at get everything done there? Customers build loyalty and are very aware of the services you provide. Offering them more services, such as an ATM machine at your location increases the likelihood of them returning to your location when they need something.
  • Save time. Yours! You will no longer need to take time to run debit transactions yourself. You will not have to restock items if a client is declined. (They would be declined at the ATM, long before they get to the register.) You will not have to explain why the customer was declined or be asked to run the transaction again.